Touring the streets again

Alive and kicking!  Already walking the streets again.

From Schoeneberg to Mitte and back! Hoch lebe die Wochenkarte!
Revelation of the day: 1 Berli, 2 Berlin …
The all-knowing booth at the station, they literally have everything, including newspapers.
At the East Side Gallery where parts of the Berlin Wall are used as an art canvas.
Open mural Berlin Wall museum.
And the girls take part in a chocolate workshop.
Made by hand with love and exquisite ingredients.
An Asian restaurant around the corner.
Slothy joins the family!
Having fun at the playground.
Getting lost at Hallesches Tor. A dozen times up and down different elevators we got it.
My priceless outofthewindow photography. Never fails to disappoint but I do it anyways!
A bridge post floated into the way, fair enough!
Luke, I’m your … burger!
Late train party.
Busy stations in the early afternoon.
A symphony in yellow and blue.
Don’t ask me.
Entering a station so fast and leaving even faster a wonder this is even sharp.
Berlin murals.
Pancakes time!
Long underground passages to the next train.
Oh, or was it the last station before leaving, could be, cause this is our Veggie Doener Shop to pass whenever we head home.
Lots of veggies and fruits, a comfy bench and table and oriental smells that make your stomach rumble in anticipation.
No resistance to fresh fruit, bring it on :}


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