The last day in freedom and public transport :}

Fast train, underground, tram, bus, what fits our moods today? We opt for the nearest that features a lift for the kid’n’buggy.
Up and down busy streets we walk.
A few romantic house facades are on the menu.
Street cafe.
The American Church in Berlin, maybe… for me, they all look kinda similar, great red brick walls and sleek towers, very European.
More train-ing.
At the Rausch Chocolate Shop and Museum, great place with extravagant and tasty chocy products.
Inside the store they even have chocy buildings to look at.
he Gendarmenmarkt is the showpiece of the historical center of Berlin. Midst you will see the concert hall, on its left there is the German and to its right the French Cathedral.
The Rocket Tower with its pink and turquois color scheme.
Later, at the playground: Making friends on the other side of the fence, like 50 years ago.
Slides and happy hearts, all the things that make us bloom.
The steepest slide they found lol, the girl was almost more afraid than the little boy :}
Checkpoint Charlie. Once the Berlin Wall lead exactly over this street and this was one of the official points where personnel could cross. Not unchecked though, lots of stories about this exact spot.
Still, after so long, people come to see the imprints of the wall, in the street, and in the souls of the people.
Stalls trying to make money out of it.
And a few really good restaurants around the corner where our hungry eyes can rest a bit.
Presentation is everything. No, it was really a lot!
The nearby Memoria Urbana.
Guests at the Porsche Museum.
Walking into a WWII memorial for killed Jews.
It’s to remember what unspeakable horrors have been done during that time… Lest we forget.
Wall remnants, beautified.
Another station without an elevator, so we take it in our own hands.
Our boy is smitten with the fast trains, can’t believe his toys have come to life in this wondrous way.
Waiting for the next one.
Boy in front of Berlin Dome.
Foodies try currywurst.
St. Mary’s Church in front of the Berlin TV tower.
Almost back ‘home’.
Our airbnb’s entrance and the neighbor’s door, very heavy wooden things, cool!


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