About us

We’re an Austrian family who was looking for a one year adventure in New Zealand back in 2012. Once we returned back home we realized that we don’t fit the hectic European lifestyle anymore. Too many people, too much traffic, too much stress and too much of a ‘system’ that predetermines your whole life from birth to death. We knew we needed to get out of there, so we applied for a New Zealand residence visa.

Packing our entire life into a 20 feet shipping container in late 2014, we decided to start a new life on the other side of the planet. We bought a 1.4 hectare piece of a land on the top of a hill, built a house (and a number of smaller buildings in the years to follow), planted more than a hundred different types of fruit trees and berry bushes, and host a couple of sheep and chickens. Kiwis call it a ‘lifestyle block’.

We’re usually short on words, but big on pictures. Our road trips usually yield in many gigabytes of photographs, shot with our A7R II.



Schnitzel & Kiwi