Eben Reitlehenalm

We spent a few days in the mountains with the whole family. Heaps of adventures for the little one.

Reitlehenalm in Eben, our place to stay
Many hundreds of years old, extended and improved many times.
Our mission for today: Find some Eierschwammerl
A very tasty type of mushroom, not to be found in NZ, unfortunately.
It’s still early in the season but we’re lucky to find some for dinner.
Back at the hut, little C checks out the children’s area.
Luring the dangerous mountain animals.
Two fluffy bunnies to pet.
Next stop: The playground.
Sliding down a loong way.
Fun on the trampoline.
Excited about the sandbox.
Going for a ride.
Next day: A short walk to the nearby Buchsteinalm.
Can we do some fishing, pleeeaase?
That was way too easy!
Looks like we’re going to have fish tonight.
And here it is, already on the plate, perfectly cooked.
The whole family.
Sharing an ice cream for dessert.
Winding down at sunset.
Next day: Walking up to the Rossbrand summit.
Red-white-red trail markings, typical for the region.
One of several memorials along the way. Scary stories of the past.
Beautiful plateau near the summit.
Black moor ponds.
Alpine flowers.
More ponds.
Grazing cows.
Proud to be up there.
A nice place to be.
And a little guy who skipped the 2h walk and came by car.
What a view to the Dachsteinmassiv.
Bench at the summit cross.
Mountain strawberries along the path down.
Walking to the Moosalm.
Blueberries! Just about to ripen.
He has a thing for tractors. :)