Bye Berlin, hello Salzburg!

The last weekend in baer city, once more changing appartments, visiting friends and spending time at playgrounds… Monday the 9th will be our flight back to Austria, can’t wait!

Train station buildings at the Spree, great old brick architecture.
Great selection of shops that, for me, are the impression of Berlin itself: Bistro, Cafe, Grill and Spaetkauf next to each other.
Cutting our way short through a backyard motorshop and washing station with clever murals.
Social meetingplace in the area.
Oh, and haven’t seen one of these in 30 years I guess… still operable!
Playground life: Picked up by a new friend.
… and off they are, checking out the equipment.
Which is exhausting so they ‘rest’ on the slide.
And enjoy being pushed in the fruit bowl.
Climbing Rope Everest!
Just a minor inconvenience at the base camp.
Flying fox is a thing these days, he’s gotten quite strong with this kind of exercise lately.
Later, checking in at the last airbnb and instantly checking the book column for treasures.
Typical street corner including dropped scooters, and graffitti.
This guy instantly wants one!
But instead we just walk to our friend’s for a massive and gorgeous feast of Pilaw. Soo good!
Much later, back at the room with ICE bullet trains flying by.
Monday, very last day, just another doctor’s appointment, some food and then winging it back to the South.
The usbekistani Khumo bird in the emblem of the embassy and a Berlin bear in the entrance way, both imaginary creatures, with the bird symbolizing peace, happiness and striving for freedom
Urban car mobile photoswervy.
Ich mein, alleine das Wort ‘Doeneria” ist ja einen Oscar wert.
Thoughts do become things… time for mindfulness!
Last fleeting moment over the Spree.
The shadows are getting longer
Carefully watching the tarmac
… and then we’re already at the airport and looking at all the events of the last 2 weeks in our back mirror.
“This kid has its own seat and must be buckled up on it! ” Easy to tell the kid was not amused.
Much better standing in his seat with his hand at the emergency brakes!
The little city where dad grew up
50 min later we’re already out of the sky and walk down the yellow staircase.
She prepared a bath, thanks love :}


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