Madame Tussauds

A day sightseeing Berlin.

The S-Bahn in Berlin has 15 lines covering a network of around 330 kilometers, which includes almost 170 train stations in the region. We’re jumping in one of their carriages to get to the CBD.
At Brandenburger Tor, tourists and even more school tours are crowding the area.
Quadriga on a beautiful autumn day 2023. Victoria, the goddess of victory, brings peace to the city on a team of four.
Among the Ascanians there was a man named Albrecht the Bear . When the Ascanians had difficulties maintaining their claim to the cities, the cities wanted to show their solidarity and two bears were added in memory and support. The Buddy Bears Berlin have become an integral part of Berlin’s cityscape. There are now around 500 bears that stand in the streets (and as landmarks) of Berlin as a friendly, colorful symbol of tolerance.
Couldn’t stop ourselves from entering Mdme Tussauds, these wax people seem so real it’s absolutely stunning, everytime!
German-American actress and singer Marlene Dietrich waiting for us at the pub.
But anyone who has learned to come to terms with themselves, to acquiesce to the facts of the present, will not let such retrospections take away their desire to create. Always forward, never backwards, said Erich Honecker. A motto that is still held high in this country.
Spidey comes to get her!
Just in case he doesn’t she’s growing wings.
The more piratey side of today, all dressed up for dinner.
Interview with Mr Smith.
The big center of the show! Mr glamorous pink feather boa himself!
Seeking audience with Master Yoda.
Don’t lean on him too closely, the storm troopers are watching you!
Sooooo, where are we going next? Ah, just hop into the next bus and see where it takes us!
Every now and then we hop off, walk a bit, see the sights, grab a drink and some munchies.
Street views.
Almost at the SBahn again, falling into one of these small restaurants we will!
The decision is not made yet.
Berliner Kartoffelsuppe, Burgers and a 2 year old who eats only bread.
Nah, not taking you.
The dome of the rebuilt Berlin City Palace and the Berlin TV Tower
Rund um das Humboldt Forum.
Stopping at a playground next to the river Spree.
The Palace of the Republic on the Spree.
Another boat tour!
Steps up and down and up again.
At the Schoeffenhofer Biershop.
At the Halle’sche Door train station.
Flowers, aye!
And suddenly my bus neighbor leans his head on my shoulder. Fast asleep…
Didn’t even wake up when we got out.
Only later did he find his feet and walked a bit with us … until bananas.
Best evening adventure: Window gazing, counting dogs, screaming happily at passing bikers :)


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