Check In

Like I mentioned before, the reason for being in Berlin is actually a surgery, and the day has almost come.

Out on the street, into the train, up to Friedrichsstrasse and a short walk to reach the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.
These nice guys are guiding my steps so I don’t go astray on the last metres.
Because my attention is diverted easily these days.
Thanks for delivering me!
In the 20. floor of the hospital my room for the next week is located at a phenomenal window front where I can have views over far parts of the city.
Don’t ask me what I see apart from a sea of houses, but I’m impressed.
Really distracted just by sitting there, staring into the brick abyss.
And that’s a good thing, need to take my mind off what’s going to happen, be as relaxed as possible for the surgery.
Preliminary talks with the surgeons, MRI and other stuff is taken care of, my only task is being on time and be in a mentally good state. Can do!
As the sun sets and the harvest moon lifts itself over the city, I’m not ready to leave the window just yet.
City lights.
The TV tower has grown a moon,
Pitch black.
And when the night is in its last rounds, I can witness the sun come up ever so slowly to colour the sky faintly red.
One can describe the houses on the campus mildly Potter-esque, especially in that eerie light.
Later the next Morning, all kinds of cloudy streaks.
Down there!
Can’t get enough. Who knows when I’m able to hold a phone again.
Soft, streaky sunrise.
Including a red ball of fire.
Breakfast buffet that can only be called glorious.

Update:  All went well, on the road of recovery now. Actually by today, 5th of Oct I’m done and checked out again, no need to go look for me on the 20th floor anymore :}  I will not post any graphic content of my bloated, worn face, or scars … if you’re interested, contact me on social media or meet me in person, I can tell all!


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