From autumn to winter

It’s October and sunlight is getting sparse.
We do our almost daily walks around our little rural town.
Gaisberg: One of the many places we missed while being overseas.
Christmas clearly isn’t far anymore.
Stopover at Austria’s best shopping mall.
Changing diapers on the fly.
PJ and self made hat.
Playmobil toys.
A slightly creepy donkey along the way to the bakery in Laufen.
Going to school, a hundred (or more) years ago.
Pizza with aunty.
Look, I’ve got my own little trolley.
Dad’s birthday leberkaes cake.
The sisters building gingerbread houses.
Intrinsic sugar works.
Looks sooo yummy.
Back home on the couch.
In the bath.
Splashing around.
Snow! Clearing the driveway.
First snow man of the season.
More Christmas shopping.
And much more snow!
Very wet and sticky snow. Beautiful.
Enough snow to build a slide.
And a snow bar for the grown ups.
Going for a walk.
The sun just came out.
White on white.
Mt Untersberg in Salzburg.
Reading lessons.
Grabensee. Air: -2C, Water: 5C. People swimming in there.
Dressing cute for a big event.
What a day.
What should I say, look for yourself.
A leberkassemmerl.
Are you watching me?
Electric buses in Salzburg city.
A chocolate Christmas calendar.
Duplo lego block towers.
Grandpa got a lamb to cut. Watching carefully.
More Christmas shopping.
Testing her skills on the climbing wall.
Oh no!
Christmas Eve is already here.
Can’t wait to open that box.
A VW camper bus!
The snow is gone again, as usual around Christmas.
I don’t mind. Let’s have a walk along Europe’s longest castle.
Burghausen old town.
Burghausen main church.
Winter sunset.
New Year’s eve: The boys are sick with high fever.
Bye 2023!