A not so sunny day  in Berlin? No worries! We’re sitting on the window sill, looking at the passers by and are even out and about, visiting one of the busy turkish markets in the area. Oh, all the oriental smells, flavours, veggies and sounds. That’s a culinaric adventure!

“Very nice and unobtrusive sellers offer fresh fruit and vegetables of excellent quality. A fruit and vegetable market where the products are traditionally loudly advertised. The stands are predominantly run by Turkish traders, which means the offering is very diverse and international. A great and interesting market in the heart of Schöneberg, which is definitely worth visiting for weekly fruit and vegetable shopping. “

Innenhofromantik, many people are mobile with their bikes, scooters and other small flexible rollies that can be stored in the little gardens in between houses. Fair enough, if it’s not far to work keeps you fit and costs less, especially less time compared to walking to the train station.
Sill to the street side: Yes we’re ground floor based, but it’s really entertaining :D
Lunch time: Walking a few blocks to see the Crelle Market that is held every Saturday.
Lots of stalls, even more people.
Pommegranates coming in!!! Catch!
Melon and lime table … will need to buy one on our way back :}
Oh-lala, such plump masses, I wanna start cooking right away!
One of the entrances/exits.
Murals near the market.
That’s more graffitti than art, I’d say, but at least it lends some colour.
When you turn around a corner and look at a very oversized face… Somehow beautiful though lacks perfection, this could be a real shocker! All around: Political messages, good and bad, a weird mixture of excitement and aversion.
Did I mention politics? Good to see that people still care what happens to them, but some calls for help seem also desperate or too in your face even. @Mansteinstr 10-10a
The collective living project “Red Island”, Mansteinstraße 10-10a, Berlin-Schöneberg. With a mural stating: “Create and defend Leftist Spaces.” Followed by a list of collective living and cultural projects threatened with closure in Berlin.)
Back into the market from the other side.
Time to fill the stroller with fruit!
… and to try some!
Just YES!
Short stop at the perfect little restaurant/shop whose owner sits with you to get to know you once you order, very easygoing and nice, even got a homemade dessert to try.
Last 100 m to our flat … postie is quite citysavvy, too.


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