First Impressions

From Mitte to Moabit and Schoeneberg, some by car, some on foot, enjoying the city life.

The Morning in our airbnb, which is also a gallery and we basically slept between movable walls with artworks, phascinating!
Small kitchen and very angry smoke detector (yes, guilty to have cooked ham and eggs lol)
Walking along the Spree and over bridges, from Berlin Mitte to Moabit.
Maybe there will be time to go for a boat trip, that would be fun.
Over and under.
At 368 meters, the Berlin TV Tower is the tallest structure in Germany and the fifth tallest TV tower in Europe. It can be seen from almost everywhere in Berlin, when views are unobstructed.
Some of these buildings are really tall, to the point where the sky doesn’t even fit on the photo anymore.
But these views…
The golden hour, by artist Renate Wolff.
Typical city streetlife.
… and dog street art… and it’s not only this guy, there are many more (painted dogs).
Famous or infamous? Next time we will stop for pancakes!
Still summer here, already sweating in my long trousers :)
City architecture.
A playground that we couldn’t just pass by… the slide is ginormous!
After the first ride he opts for the safer landing.
Crossing the chain bridge.
Making friends.
She’s double his age, but doesn’t mind the little blond boy by her side.
Thinking about the next move he’ll make while sliding. Belly? Feet up or down?
And then he lets go and goes so fast we’re almost not able to catch him!
Saying good-byes for the day.
Resuming the walking.
Visiting a friend.
More house fronts, just stunning.
Goldelse am Grossen Stern.
New day, new place to stay … exciting old house with very high rooms, squeaky doors and chandeliers.
He’s stoked that he can just sit on the couch and watch everything that’s going on outside! :D


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