A short flight away, the city where we will spend a week roaming the streets, then I’ll get a few screws in my head fixed and after a wee bit of recovery we’ll be on our way back.

SZG, where your boarding is announced and you just walk out onto the tarmac looking for your plane.
BRRRRRRM the head is pressed into the seat as the Fortress Hohensalzburg is flying by.
This plane is way bigger than the domestic Air NZ ones, but it feels like the pilot is not using autopilot, we’re doing some crazy curves while gaining altitude.
The boys are already going through the available books.
Holding hands with the little one.
He is adamant that he wants to join us on the back seat.
But his own window is way more beautiful with the wing in view, and this stunning landscape, we’re now almost there, can already see the lakes of Brandenburg.
Last left turn, around the new turbine park, then landing is on!
Welcome to the new Berlin airport!
Late already, a friend picked us up and got us safely to our airbnb, all good so far!


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