Long haul

September has come. A family emergency takes us back to our roots, nonetheless we are looking forward to the flight. With a 2 year old it might be good, or a full day of livid tantrum, we’ll see :D

Starting with a smile! A friend dropped us off at the Nelson airport, which is basically a big hall where you do it all: Check in, eating breakfast, boarding (with the plane waiting just outside on the tarmac)
The last of the left overs need to vanish now!
Just an hour later, off we go. The De Havilland DHC-8-300 lifts with ease and in a wide angle we are able to have a last look to the ground which is getting smaller, fast.
Almost black/white contrast while we turn over the Tasman. The Bell Island water treatment plant sticks out.
Meal plan on Air New Zealand: Candy anyone?
“… Wind Nord-Ost, Startbahn null-drei. Bis hier hör ich die Motoren Wie ein Pfeil zieht sie vorbei und es dröhnt in meinen Ohren und der nasse Asphalt bebt Wie ein Schleier staubt der Regen bis sie abhebt und sie schwebt der Sonne entgegen … Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein alle Ängste, alle Sorgen sagt man blieben darunter verborgen und dann würde was uns groß und wichtig erscheint … Plötzlich nichtig und klein… ”  Reinhard Mey 1974
Layover in Auckland, we had to get all our stuff, re-check-it-in and wait. Well, mainly wait.
At our gate, with the next plane in plain sight.
Trying to be a good boy. And he is! No complaints so far ;)
Just before entering the runway, watching the other plane start, what a show.
Preparing the toys :)
While everybody else prepares for 17 hours of media entertainment.
After the first onboard meal, the lights are turned down and the big sleep starts.
Doha International Airport … a colorful display of what’s possible in the world of construction.
Big halls, shopping strips, food courts, parks, rest areas and all.
Greenery within glass ceilings.
Not as full as expected, but then, local time says it’s already almost midnight, so we sleep-walk to our gate.
Trees. Not what we thought to find, but there they are.
The gate wait.
Later, on the plane, prepping for another round of sleep.
While these two discuss the wimmelbook.
Here it is. All at our grasp! Nearly there. Actually flying right over where we want to go. Miss, where are your parachutes please?
And after a safe landing in Munich, we’re picked up and get to satisfy our craziest cravings right away! Welcome back to Europe, us.


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