Viel Familie, gutes Essen und gschmackiges Trinkwasser, neue Geschichten, alte Lieblingsplätze. – Familytime!

Eine zünftige Willkommensjausn! Danke :)
Ab durch die Mitte!
Rapsfelder, Bauernhöfe, so weit das Auge reicht (in diesem Fall die mächtigen Rücken der nördlichen Kalkalpen).
Driving up the Gaisberg Strasse and, per chance, having a whole tourage of classic cars passing us.
One of the most well regarded and legendary sports cars, the Shelby Cobra has a history and a mystique few cars can hope to achieve. And we’re in the middle of it!
Walking towards the Salzburg vista point. A view to behold.
As is this! Finally we got our missing daughter back ;)
The three kids of ours doing some serious mountain workout!
The Gaisberg transmitter uses a 100 meter high steel tower as its antenna support and transmission tower, which went into operation on August 22 , 1956. Also serves as the Gaisberg Lightning Research Institute for the ALDIS lightning research project.
And every now and then a brave person jumps off the steep edge with a paraglider. Woohoooo!


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