Throwback Thursday!!! The girls went for another skiday while I opt for a spontaneous visit to one of my favourite childhood memories.

It starts how it always started: With a hot Leberkassemmerl at Schitter’s Spar supermarket. It was just 1000 metres down the road and you could get a small choc ice cream (Brickerl, if anybody asks lol) for 3 Austrian Schillings.
This is the Pichlbauer farm, where my family and I spent many summers. Looks different these days, not just because of the snow, but still feels (and smells) the same (“Schnauf ein und nimm a Nasn voll mit”).
Walking past the places of my childhood, acknowledging the changes and admiring what is still left. (Not that my family was keen on restaurants, we always ate at home ;)
Some of the buildings trigger vivid memories, friends, adventures, holidays, summer and winter.
Modern architecture and design is not the main thing you will see here while taking a walk – this little town is still very down to earth. I pass many rebuilt and restored houses – to be fair the main part of the road still looks exactly the same to me.
Following the small path up to the church, right along the river Enns, wich my Dad loved (I can still hear him say “Wir fahrn ins Ennstal” when it was time to leave for an extended holiday in Salzburg. Like it was yesterday.)
Beautiful Pongauer house complete with weather vane. The reason weather vanes are posted in high locations is to prevent interference and to catch the purest breezes. In Austria, the vane figure is usually a rooster or something similar that sits on top of a small wooden bell tower, in the Pongau, the shape is always 6 or 8 cornered. Interested and want to know more? Read a whole article dedicated to this :) Zeitschrift/Journal: Mitt(h)eilungen der Gesellschaft für Salzburger Landeskunde    Jahr/Year: 1991    Band/Volume: 131
Artikel/Article: Zur Konstruktion der Glockentürmchen auf Mitterpinzgauer Bauernhäusern. 355-361
Driving back through Reitdorf and Altenmarkt, admiring the winter scenery.
Austrian architecture is just like a piece of home that can’t be replaced, like the way things smell here. These give me the strongest flash backs, just like tingling sourness of the Essiggurkerl in the Leberkassemmel does.
The. Heart. ♡♡♡
Bound plants so they make it through the snow. Clever and nice to look at.
More huge farm buildings. Almost back in Eben now.
What a quest! Back with the family, the kids are exhausted and I am pleased to tell them ever little detail of what I learned today :D Totally enjoyful adventure to go and relive memories :)


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