All Good Things

come to an end… A few last impressions as we count our days in Europe.

The Genealogy Tour: Looking for roots in the small town of Haigermoos in the Innviertel.
The detour to the Höllerersee was logical, it has been a cherished summer getaway spot.
The parish church of Haigermoos is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It is a double church built in the second half of the 15th century. The parish church consists of a lower and an upper church, the lower church is a wide-spanned two-aisled hall. The entrance doors are decorated with lily fittings.
On the way over the Haunsberg, we stop at the Kaiserbuche. It’s already the third tree by the name.
Almost 20 years ago, a storm tore down the mighty tree, damaging crown and chapel. The new shoot that was planted as replacement was vandalised. The third little tree got his own enclosure to ensure its survival.

On a clear day, the views from up here are great.
Passing through Nussdorf.
A farm with fishpond near Höribach.
The old Mondseestrasse.
Back home, we are quite tired, so tired actually, that some fall asleep over their toys.
But the parties keep coming! Hurray! Oma’s 70 got us all together again :)
And then our time here comes to an end, no more adventure, just trying to fit all our stuff in the suitcases, getting rid of so much that doesn’t (with a crying eye).
The last day breaks.
And we find ourselves saying our goodbyes again. It was so good to see you all!
Until we meet again ♥


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