Morning hike to the Zillhütte, a treasured walk into mountain-wonderland.

Driving the Wiestal Landesstrasse from Ebenau/Heiligenstein to Adnet.
The Wiestal reservoir above the Wiestalklamm was built between 1909 and 1913 by building a 28 m high gravity dam with a 66 m long, curved crown. With a surface of 120 ha, it is the largest reservoir built in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.
Gaining some elevation near Krispl.
The valley quickly becomes fainter, more distant with every turn we take on the curvy mountain road.
At Gasthaus Alpenrose in Arzberg we find an empty spot to park, thank you!
Great views while walking past Halleiner Haus and up that ridge we thought about building a house, like 20 years ago.
The road turns into a path and into just layers of white snow with the occasional reminder that living up there always came at a cost.
In the distance, the Tennengebirge greets us.
Finally! We reach the Zillhütte, which is engulfed with snow at this time of the year. In spring, life will come back to the Alm, with the cattle and the tenants who also provide food and drinks for the tired wanderers. Great memories!


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