The Postalm is the largest contiguous alpine pasture area in Austria and the second largest high plateau in Europe. Last time here was 18 years ago and ended with an unfortunate barbwire accident. Today went significantly better, we also did more hiking, enjoyed a meal and made a ton of new memories.

Numerous hiking trails lead across the extensive Postalm area and many alpine pastures and huts invite you to stop off. There are a total of 5 Postalm circular hiking trails, on Postalm circular trail 2 are the Huber Hütte , the Rosserhütte, the Welser Hütte, the Panoramahütte Postalm and the Strobler Hütte. We opt for one that’s leading back to a hut where we plan to have a lunch break.
The dark forest.
First emotional support break (the little one wants to be carried, hiking is just not his thing)
A species in the gentian genus, can’t say which, maybea willow gentian? Suggestions welcome!
The shoulder seat is just a short distraction before he realizes what has happened and wants to get back down.
Oh! Almost at the Strobler Huette.
Welcome! Griass eich!
Kaspress Knedl, Kaiserschmarren and everything inbetween!
Clouds are closing in.
Rauer Enzian (Gentianella aspera) in all its glory.
The Postalm Kapelle … stands on a spur, at a height of 1,284 m, close to the actual Postalm Huette. (Just 100 m down the hill).
A great spot for such an intricate building of cultural significance. And my little door opener is already there!
Invites me into the chapel to be awed by the work of former craftsmen and artists.
We were there!
Postalm Huette from above. Heute Ruhetag!
We don’t mind and keep walking. And sitting for pictures.
So many flowers. There should be an alpine flower walk here. Oh! There actually is…
Lone hut in the wood. Would love to stay here!
Insstead we stay a little bit longer at the Mondsee lake side on our way back. Not quite warm enough for a bath but still good on the jetty.
This little stream was extremely cold. Crossed to the other side and back, no feel feet!
Pure love!
These guys haven’t seen each other for two months and have to catch up!
While Papa is always a happy go-to :D


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