Will we get all connection flights?

Two days before they journey begins. All rooms at home are empty, waiting for guests to arrive. All documents are ready, the school is organized, the house is booked and even the car is already bought, waiting for us at the airport in Christchurch. But one major question concerns us more and more:

Will we get all four flights without troubles?!?

When booking the flights I missed a major thing: First stop in London Heathrow -> olympic games in two weeks (wah!) -> holiday season -> chaos airport -> different terminals! -> security check queue -> minimum transfer time 90 minutes according to their website (omg!!) -> and we have only 100 minutes available!!

Not enough, www.flightstats.com shows delays on the initial flight from Munich to London every single day: Tuesday 47 min, Wednesday 73 min, Thursday 24 min.

Well, we’ll see…


The plan at least is this:

18:50  Munich – 19:50 London

21:30 London – 17:30 Singapore

19:20 Singapore – 05:10 Sydney

07:15 Sydney – 12:25 Christchurch