Top Ten – things we miss after 1 year abroad

– Crispy, real european bread, because every bread in NZ, no matter if white or black, is wrapped in a plastic bag.

– Manner Wafers and Schwedenbomben, as there are no really good alternatives available in NZ.

– Cold cuts (NZ doesn’t even have a word for “Aufschnitt”!) … because the stuff that looks like Aufschnitt isn’t Aufschnitt, it reminds us of “Leberk√§se” that’s far too thick cut. ;)

– Wheat semolina – on seldom occasions, you can buy some but it still is far too fine to make a real Griesskoch.

– Topfenjoghurt, because all NZ yogis are either super watery or super flavoured/sugared.

– Biscotten, because there’s no way to make Tiramisu with the bread that’s sold here.

– Chocolate that not contains salt, the same is for butter.

– Non flavoured products at all, just old boring nature that tastes good.

– Organic food, it’s really annoying not to get the pure quality (no poison, spray, meds, etc).

– Swimming pool, because we don’t even have a bath tub in our house.

– Messerschleifer! This thing which calls itself knive sharpener is a toy at best.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)