Ngarua Caves

We’ve been around for almost a year and never stopped for a tour through the caves. But we did now – not only stop, we drove there on purpose because it’s the last weekend in the Tasman area and we have to close that book. In little more than a week we’ll be back home again. So the last week in NZ starts with the famous limestone cave on Takaka Hill (one of many there, but the only one that’s safe to enter with the whole family. Once we were in, the winding path led us through a labyrinth of stalagtites/-mites past a set of Moa skelettons and also the remains of other animals that fell down the tomo (pot holes) from above. With just 5 -10 metres to the above ground the cave is quite close to sunlight but once the light was turned off (by the guide, just for a minute) we couldn’t even see the hand before our very eyes. A cleverly locked exit spit us out to the world again and now we’re finally ready to pack our suitcases …

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