That Toilet Posting

There are many good things here but none of them is of such a great importance as to find a toilet wherever you go. You can’t go too far into the bush or too high up a mountain, the Department of Conservation, which signs up for all the managemet of National Parks, Scenic Reserves, walks etc puts one on every parking space there is. Thank you! Saved my day more than once :) And these little buildings are mostly tidy, always equiped with paper and often with soap, some are closed at nights, some clean themselves, others play music as soon as you close the door behind you. But they have one thing in common: They’re nothing to be ashamed of, hidden in a dark corner, they’re always brightly lit, colourfully painted and in the middle of everything. This is a thing I will miss in toiletfree Europe … here some photographs of the best we’ve seen so far.


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