A Day’s Thousands of Details

Got up at a quarter to 8, too late for an extendet breakfast, just hurrying together lunchboxes, morning tea bottles, waking the kids, watching them dress and pick some fejoas from the fridge (they’re on season now) and listen to their sleepy munching while drinking a hot cup of Earl Grey.


After a quick start comes the long wait – the car didn’t park underneath the car port and we’re sitting in the car with the airconditioning full on, waiting for the windscreen to defrost, singing a round of “Morning Has Come”.

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Later in the morning: Kids are at school now, Mummy takes a walk on Motueka High Street, trying not to buy anything that we will have to carry back home in our already overstuffed suitcases.

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Glad I took my camera with me, photographs are just the perfect souvenir. Walking further along, noting that there would be enough churches around for a special “Churches of Motueka” post. But didn’t get a picture of the different beliefs behind the doors.

130530_0030-1 130530_0034-1

My favourite house around, seems like it was a mansion with stables and big garden. Beautiful.

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A flock of spoon billed herons sweeping the low tide line for food. Extraordinary, haven’t ever seen anything like it.

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Going East until I reach the inlet. Nice quiet place with a sawmill on the High Street end and a cemetry near the port.

130530_0042-1 130530_0046-1130530_0047-1

At pick up far too early today, put some gravel in the holes in the driveway behind Anna’s classroom and provoked some grins by jumping on the gravel to flatten it. Pick up was not as expected, though: None of my children wanted to come, Anna went for her Russian lessons, Verena preferred to stick with her friend Keala.


Iceclouds on the way home … in Europe usually not a good sign, the cold weather will not be far behind. Cozying up at home on our couch with that odd green mink feel blanket and waiting for the daylight to pass.


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