Nelson, Pelorus, Havelock and back


Our visit to the Saturday Market has been long due, and we were craving another sourdough bread, Neudorf cheeses and some fine organic veges. Sometimes there’s even a quick thai meal to go :)


The bridge is famous, but not because it’s so big, high or beautiful but because in summertime, people jump from it and year to year there are bad injuries and deaths. We took the stairs down to the river and put our teatree oil on (against the sandfly plague), singing and climbing the rocks at the shore, then walk the 15 min walk to the “swing bridge to nowhere”, swang a little bit and went on to Havelock.


This little town knows how to present itself! There are some historic buildings to visit, a Museum (which smells like a hundred years of wood and sweat) with a real locomotive, some very nice restaurants, cafés and the Marina. Since there are no tourists underway (apart from us)(and we try very much to be undercover) it is a tranquil place with only natives and not many cars around.

Wakamarina River

Nelson, Miyazu Gardens

We were thrilled to find all of the cherry trees in full blossom. Between Karesansui, the zen garden and the wisteria arbour there was a kind of cloudy blossom sky (if you lie on the soft grassy ground and look into the sky).


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)