Labyrinth Rocks

Thursday morning, kids both have a long day (until 3 pm), time for Mummy and Daddy to have a little road trip on their own :)

The Labyrinth is a two hectare wonderland of the most amazing limestone rock formations and regenerating native bush. There’s a walkway through a Network of Canyons and crevices and natural sculptures. This sounds good, doesn’t it? But when you’re there, in midst aws and ohhs you find these little plastic creatures, dolls, animals (even a stuffed tiger) and will probably think .oO(wtf) ~ but a quick read of the garden’s handout (which can be obtained at the tourist info only) makes it clear that the tiny inhabitants are no coincidence: Dave Whittaker, who uncovered the place, thought it was a good idea to have them around for kids to discover and have fun (plastic Dora-the-Explorer on a phantastic geological site … seriously … ?)






Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)