Hailstorm at Orepuki

The gemstone beach near Orepuki got a big “like” from all of us, it’s not only the sand and stones are beautiful, the waves were smashing and the cliffs high and rugged. We loved it and at Jan 6th we returned for one more beachwalk. But. The weather was not so fine as it had been 2 days ago, it was not actually raining, but from time to time a faint drizzle would come down. I told my kids that we were not made of sugar, hence could enjoy a long walk. They were enthousiastic. So we dressed well, several layers, raincoat etc and started.

Down from the parking we walked, ignoring any dark clouds. While we were trying to cross the major beach stream, we still took care that nothing got wet. I was still on the log in the middle of the stream with Verena in my back asking when she was due and Christian on the other side, lending a hand when suddenly the world turned upside down. The drizzle turned into a thunder, big drops poured down and then hail, and more of it, harder, faster. We rushed back to the car but within metres got wet to the underwear and some of the hailstones left red marks on our hands and bare feet.

10 minutes we damped in the car, and when it was over, dressed in dry clothing and started anew. This time we got over the stream and did the ~1 km walk, but found nothing, and back. By then we were wet and cold to the bone but at least are sharing a memory to tell our grand-grand children ;)

Yeah, no pics of this one :D


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