Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh formed this city, as soon as you enter,  a big sign welcomes you, saying “Hangi in Rotorua, Haggis in Dunedin” (Haggis is a scottish national dish made of entrails) – there’s no misunderstanding that you’re entering scottish terrain ;)  There are details, that reveal it, for example the existance of proper churches (made of stone, big, majestic). Due to the restrictive parking situation we had lots of long walks from and to our Motel, but then there’s a lot to sight-see.

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130111_0186-1 130111_0395-1Unfortunately, the famous Cadbury factory was closed during our visit in Dunedin, or else this would have been our 1st choice rainy weather sight here :)


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