Christchurch, although not directly over the Alpine Fault, has this reputation to be a bit shaky, and it is! The kids were almost at sleep and we were watching some video on the laptop when things got really wobbly. After that we had a nice family time in our queen sized bed, snuggling together and talking about plat tectonics, quakes, waves, measurement etc. Exciting! And glad it was just a 4,7. After that, there were two more quakes near Methven and on the North Island ~ should have been felt in Motueka, too.

2013-01-20_07-33_GeoNet_Canterbury 2013-01-20_07-35_GeoNet_Canterbury_Statistics 2013-01-20_07-37_GeoNet_Quakes 2013-01-20_07-38_GeoNet_Drums 2013-01-20_07-39_GeoNet_Report


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