Arthur’s Pass

Bye-bye East Coast! The weather is beautiful and our spirits fly high … hope we can bring the sunshine to the wet west :)

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Devil’s Punchball Falls – Maori associated natural features in the landscape with ancestors or their actions. Their stories linked the people to the land and reflected the inseparable ties between the natural and human world. Weaving waters – To Ngai Tahu, these long intertwining threads of white water resemble the threads of dressed flax – whitau or muka – used to weave fine garments and mats. The falls were named for an ancestress, Hinekakai, a famous weaver.


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Kea alarm!

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The Otira Gorge Road – State Highway 73: is recognised as an important part of NZs engineering heritage. Through the terrible winter of 1865 men toiled here to cut a coach road from Christchurch to the West Coast gold fields.

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