Easter Sunday

Our escape plans have been shattered by rain in the morning, and although it was easing soon we had a slow start into the day which included hanging out on the couch, brunching and finishing another dragon. When the clock said: 11! it occurred to me that “The” Mapua Easter Fair – was today … busy packing, combing, dressing¬† and jumping into the car was the result and we just got there in time for the last perfect parking space right in front of the back entrance :)

Must have been hundreds of cars, amazing how many people from all over the Tasman (and Golden Bay, Marlborogh?) region come here to spend their easter bunny money. Had some fries with tomatomarmelade (or was it ketchup? sure it was really sweet, almost kind of apricot-ish?), hot dog (seriously? a beer-battered sausage on a stick? whoever came up with this should be punished with eating only this for the rest of his life), perfect thai barbecued chicken sticks, some thai dumplings (really reminded me of Germkn√∂del, just with meat instead of the Powidl), some hilarious ice… cream (… no), ice … shave? crushed ice in a paper cup with sirup on top (but not just any, the kids chose cola-caramel-cherry, it’s disgusting. I wonder how many parents let their kid’s shaved ice disappear after tasting it). After all this food we needed some bodily distraction, found in bungy jump, carussel, orbing and the like.

Some hours of sweat, fun and amazement later we headed back home to finally found the Easter Hare leaving some eggs for us in the garden (phew). Gladly, the poor thing could escape unnoticed and Anna and Verena were distracted by all the chocolate in the flowers, on the trees, between the veges to ask further questions about it.

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