The visa application is on the way

I admit, I sort of underestimated how much stuff we would need to collect for the visa application. Also underestimated the costs. ;)

After several weeks of preparations, the application is finally ready to submit to INZ. It consists of:

  • Business plan for the new company, including proof of all balances and relvant things of the existing company that is about to move.
  • Medical check. To be done in Vienna at one of two registered panel doctors. Whole day trip to the city for the family. It seems we’re healthy. :)
  • IELTS English exam. Weeks of spare time English training. Another day trip to Vienna. Fortunately the kids don’t need that. Required score on a scale from 0 to 9 is 4. We got band scores of 7.5 and 8.0, yay!
  • Dozens of printed pages of the application forms.
  • Copies of all sorts of documents like birth certificate, proof of personal assets and income of the last 10 years, tax sheets, etc.
  • New passports, because the old ones expire soon.
  • Dozens of photos of ourselves.

What a huge stack of paper! Hopefully they will approve it soon.

Visa application