20 Months!

On the 6th of April you filled the 20! Only 4 more to go until we can call it a 2, and go with years from then ;)

Posing in front of the mirror … he realizes now that the reflection he sees is his own, and staring back at him quite cute I have to say :D
What else do we do at home? We get visited by bunnies and hares, some shyer than others. This one just kept sitting in front of our deck, listening to our boy’s excited squeaking.
Tried everything to make it jump but the opening door eventually did the trick and the spooked bunny showed us his white fluffy bunny tail.
Wildlife is just in front of our house! This kingfisher said hi the other day, sat there for a couple of minutes, then flew off.
Praying mantis also nest around our property. They’re in charge of keeping other insect pests away from the house,
And this little guy is in charge of knowing everything that goes on in and around his house all the time.
Job he likes most: Food taster and fave critic for our 5 star home kitchen. Has developed a liking for meat lately! And cake, obvi ;)
Still gets a Morning and Good-night bottle, but mostly eats all the bits and pieces we eat. If he doesn’t like it, it can go two ways: Either feeds us back with it or sends it flying through the room. Got to work on the second…
Tunnel games with Vivi, these guys make each other smile!
Babykissie for big sis (or stitch, we’ll never know).
Also at home: Walking with the cows down into the gully, looking for sweet chestnuts.
Yes, it’s harvest season. We had a lot good stuff from the garden this autumn, but also rely on the supermarket tours. That’s when he gets to ride his own car!
Mot Sunday Market, the right balance between garden and grocery stores.
Papa is already in line at the German butcher stall.
People and goods at the market.
That were the near surroundings. From time to time we like to wander though ;) Some people like to sleep as soon they touch down on the car seat!
And then we move from playground to playground.
In some of them he’s already quite at home!
Us, on the seesaw.
Climbing up with help, but the sliding down is all his thing now!
Doesn’t beat us in 3 in a row (yet)(but definitely working on it)
Also improving: The balancing skills.
Down the Moutere Hills into the Waimea Plains.
Somewhere down there, the cute Air NZ planes start and land. We had a blast watching them from Tahuna!
Why do the seagulls cross the beach? You can’t see it, but there’s another kid with a stick chasing them :D
Going back to the car reluctantly.
Lucky for us that there’s a playground between beach and parking lodge.
There, you can even try to learn how a xylophone works.
Ha, caught Dad having a lunch nap in the gummy mat swing.
Bored on a playground? Just put your 20 months old in this mildly effective toddler trap, carefully turn the bottom until the effects of centrifugal force set in, they’re having the time of their lives!
Good old swing works as well ;)
Getting lost on the way to the car.
Back in Mot, exploring the quai walk again.
The boys in the buoy.
An interested seagull, eyeing our snacks.
The other day, at Kaiteri.
Collecting little shells and stones and trying to throw them into the water.
Walking the water’s edge.
Up on Kaka Point, spinning around the sign post with an outstretched arm trying to find out where to go next.
Almost to cold for a bath now, but still ok for dipping the toes.
Mot Sandspit over there on the other side of that small inlet.
A White-faced heron, thinking about taking the boat for its fishing trip.
Driving in the stroller is almost a thing of the past now … you love walking and can do so with great perseverance.
And when the shoes hurt or he’s getting tired, it’s still good to have it!
Closing this monthly report with one of his favourite things to do: Splishysplashy in the tub :)
Happy 20 months, we love you sooooo much!



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