From the carpark at Linzergasse to Domplatz and back.

It’s worthwhile to look into every passage, some hide beautiful spaces or interesting streets, like this one.
Pistacho or raspberry cake? Hard choices.
Over the Staatsbruecke, one of a few bridges that cross the river Salzach in the city.
Looking back to Hotel Sacher at Schwarzstrasse.
Horse and carriage arrangements for tourists are frequently seen, our toddler has a blast.
The next one is just around the corner!
But we break loose from the beaten paths and walk right into the canyons of house fronts.
… and land in front of the most famous house of them all.
Window shopping ;)
Waiting for me to keep up with the fast pace … but I can’t get enough of the small details of retail, like this Christmas and Easter shop coming up on the left.
Business must go well to afford a spot like this.
Straying a bit :D
Just to reconnect a minute later at the center of everybody’s attention this week! Ruperti Kirtag is set up and ready to run!
Flying in circles at Domplatz.
Almost the same like 20 years ago.
Sei wieder lieb, Teufelchen :)))
A heart for every life situation, from sad to happy, this is grams version of social media!
Eat, drink, have fun.
Sweet paradise is attracting kids like flies.
Every second stall has gingerbread hearts. No way you leave here without one!
This guy manages to buy cream horns instead ;)
In a few years, our now 2 year old will be able to ride this retro caroussel.
Leaving the amusement setup for the quiet pathways.
Somewhere in the world it’s time for the first daily coffe, every minute of the day.
Founded in 1591, the “Old Prince-Archbishop’s Court Pharmacy” on the Alter Markt in Salzburg’s old town is the oldest still existing pharmacy in Mozart’s city. Where the archbishops were once well supplied with medicines, ointments and tinctures, their own house specialties are still offered today.
In 1890, the Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst invented the now world-famous Salzburg Mozartkugel. His delicate creation of marzipan with pistachios, covered in nougat and dark chocolate, quickly became the most famous praline in the city.
Another small market space near Kollegien Kirche.
The little one needs a Breze to survive!
And the big sis favours a lemonade.
Skipping a street by walking through a house (public way).
Getreidegasse and Moenchsbergterrasse in the background.
Bürgerspitalkirche St. Blasius and the Moenchsbergaufzug.
Love locks on Makartsteg, Salzburg.
Time for a public lock-picking event!
Young girl and old town. We were here!


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