Walking the camera for a quick Kateri circle – Starting at the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Road where it crosses the Inlet, up the walkway to the lookout, down to Little Kaiteriteri, up to Tasman Heights and back.

A blue sky with clouds in it and some white objects that throw a shadow, my new favourite playing ground.
Of course, some views are just better in colour.
Just look at the transition from golden brown to emerald green…
Walking up to the Kaiteriteri Beach Lookout.
Here it is, with Kaka Point in the background.
Still on the high tide path, cheering the kayakers.
But colour also can do fancy shadows!
Kaiteri from Tasman Heights.
This little pile of rocks might be the most photographed in the Tasman.
Same one.
Walking back via Kaiteri Inlet. Just a muddy flat most times, shines at high tide.
That’s right, including mirror reflection!
And one to go.
Same in b/w for you to compare and tell me what you liked better! :)


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