August in pictures

Like always, August is the longest winter month, just before spring happens.

A frosty Morning. Not at our place, at an elevation of almost 100 m we don’t see frozen grass often. But our neigbours down there in the valley surely have white stuff in front of their houses.
Beautiful frozen paddocks.
New this month: Kindy! Just 6 hours a week, but it’s always a highlight, he loves it there with all the other kids and the great outdoors!
Especially the yellow ride on digger.
And he has so much fun that we just have a bath right after returning home :D
Lunch naps have decreased for a while, but there is a revival coming. At the moment, he falls asleep randomly on the couch, so sweet :)
Later, watching a tool show on tv with Dad.
Some days, we do a late evening tour to the playground (sun sets around 6 at the moment and it gets dark at 7).
He does the barrel!
In full swing.
Mum flying back into Nelson after being in Wellington for a special medical scan. Unfortunately, the results were not great but we can deal with that in September.
Weekend romantic with Vivi. These guys are snuggly.
The sleep attire is on, Dolly needs something too, then he’s off to bed.
Or gets stuck while walking past the couch.
Driving into Mot on a foggy day.
Beach fun at Rabbit Island. Someone has built a hut and we’re inspecting the construction technique.
Fishing poles in front of the Nelson shoreline.
Not winter enough for some people lol. There’s always that person going surfing, standup paddleboarding or even swimming.
Another winter day at Kaiteri. Walked up to the lookout and the views are undeniably stunning!
Girls at River Haven. Just chose this one due to my perfect facial expression.
Relaxing with a hot chocolate.
Two giraffes, a bear, a kid and a Dada.
Evening light over the Kahurangi. Bye, August!


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