2 years

You were in our thoughts 5 years ago, then we pushed our luck and were rewarded. 2 years back from today, we were no longer who we were, because you joined our family. We love you sooo much!

A small boy, surrounded by presents, a cake with candles on top and colorful balloons everywhere. Guess he’s got the hint that something’s happening today!!!
One, twoooo!
Explaining everything to Dad.
Inspecting the chocolate cake, doesn’t merely look good, also tastes so yummy!
Afterparty, where all the presents are uncovered :)
The first two contain 2 more toy cars, but a friction powered kind, you push it on the floor gently while giving it direction and it will go and go and go …
Your truest fans :)
The biggest box has a push bike that is skillfully assembled by you and Dad.
The bike is taking shape.
… and has to be let out onto the tarmac at once!
Enjoying the exceptionally sunny and warm weather at Mapua wharf.
Eateries, galleries, ice cream saloon, all set for a stroll around the harbour.
And a quick break at the playground ;)
This slide got him flying!
Cuties, goproing down the big one :D
A beautiful day, happy birthday, beautiful boy :)


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