23 months

What does our 23 months old toddler do all day? He loves his toys, from trucks in all sizes to a train track to stuffed bears and such, but he especially adores books of all kinds. Here a brief picture book of what we saw and where we were during the last weeks:

Not a new playground, but he’s training his skills and gradually climbs higher up and stands steadier on the rope.
And he loves the slide! Any slide, but this is a challenge to get up to with that steep ladder and he’s proud to make it almost by himself (with one of us just standing behind him to catch him if he’d fall).
Such a happy face :)
Can go up and down 10 times without taking a breath lol.
Something new we discovered this month is the library. Since he’s so fond of books, this turned out to be a wonderland, spent at least an hour just looking around, getting comfy and relaxed there.
Choosing the next book.
In the late afternoon we watch TV, like baking instructions, how to build something, jumping monster truck shows etc :)
Highlight of everyday: The bath.
Followed by dental hygiene.
These two also spend a lot of time together, she loves him dearly, he adores her!
The other day we were guests at NMIT, where Vivi is in a hairdressing course, I got lovely curls, he couldn’t get enough watching everything in the mirror.
And when it got boring eventually, he moved to the window to point at passing cars outside.
Another Morning, we’re having breakfast.
Later, at the dinner table. Picking the peas? :D
Found another slide! This one is really curly, like Mama’s hair!
Rodeo! Yeeeee-haw!
Next game: Turtle ride!
Another bath picture with the pegasus and some other tools and toys.
Another day in Nelson, walking the Queen’s Gardens, he’s taken with the Muscovy ducks.
These not so small ducks are not shy at all, maybe not touchy-friendly, but at least they passed by uninterested :)
Such a nice place.
The Prego on Collingwood Street. Our love for italian food makes us return again and again.
Trafalgar Street, we go down to the market.
At the Saturday Market, one of our favourite stalls, Julian’s bake stuff. From croissants to bread, this is really as authentic european as it gets.
Music and strolling on a winter market.
An afternoon at Kaiteriteri looking to the East, these are the Kina cliffs in the distance.
Other side, with the two Kaiteri beaches and the Abel Tasman behind it.
Oh! Another playground. 10 min stop!
This one also stopped, just for us.
And this guy is unstoppable. He’s talking, walking, climbing, jumping, running and bustling with energy. Can’t wait to see you growing up!


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