22 Months

The last month went by very quickly and I know, I say that every month, this boy developed so much! He’s so much more self aware, communicative and generally cute that it floods our hearts with love! The Fiji holiday was also a catalyst for social development, getting around in unfamiliar environments and thriving at that!

Looking at a book all by himself.
Building a line of houses bordering his train track.
Letting the train test drive the new track layout. Doesn’t look satisfied though, everything will be in pieces any moment now :D
Helping Mama doing the laundry. Yes, he’s a good baby helper!
Fun at Paradise Cove. He’s comfortable in the big bath tub!
And this cute grin!
The boys, discussing the existence of coconut leaf dolls.
A perfect dinner at the main restaurant at Paradise Cove.
Bean bag bliss.
Not long and this guy will be 2 years old! Kisses! See ya!



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