Fiji 2023 – Sega na leqa!

Bula! During the last week, we did relax, have fun, learn about coconuts, swim with manta rays and see how many different cocktails can be consumed at happy hour. Our little one had some social contacts that he craved and at the end of our stay gave reliable high-fives, knuckles and waves to staff or random other kids. So cute :)

Our daily inspiration! :)
Kiddo wants to swing in the weavy thingy.
Or just swing it!
Just standing there, letting the waves nibble at his toes.
Jumping in the waves.
While we have the beach almost to ourselves.
And the pool, too.
Hahah, unstoppable!
Can’t get enough.
Already thinking to enrol in a kids program at the Aquatic Centre in Nelson.
Pariadise (in the) Cove.
Giving a high five :)
Knuckles for Mama.
Quick shower before lunch.
Leaving soon… last views of the beautiful cove, with a boat.
Good-bye Naukacuvu! Moce! Sota tale.
Hi Port Denarau. The lights are already on for us.
With busy hands, the luggage is unloaded and distributed, everybody snatches their bag and hastes to the bus transfer …
until we’re in our transfer lodge for the last night in Fiji. Mai kana!
The one with the great pool but very loud highway next door. Well, can’t have everything ;)
Bula Fiji Air!
Oh, the ground gets smaller quickly!
Gaining height over the western division of Viti Levu.
Bye Fiji!
Papa makes a few last shots.
And this passenger is bored with his food, likes it much more to watch Happy Feet in a standing position.
And to get to know the girl next door ;)
Back home!
Now just another 1 hours from Christchurch up to Nelson, then we’re truly back on track.
Awesome rain circle o.O
Waimakariri beauty.
Motueka, the sandspit, the harbor, the inlet, the river, the valley. Can you see our house? :)
A bit more angle, includes also Golden Bay, Abel Tasman and Kahurangi down to (probably) Westport and the Tasman Sea. Welcome back!


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