Trip to Hawaii

Went to Honolulu, Hawaii. Only had to be there for a single day meeting but as there aren’t too many flight options available last minute, I had to stay for a week. Could be worse, tho. :P

Departing late evening in Nelson.
Bye bye Nelson!
Hawaii here we come.
At the Ilikai Marina.
So many boats at the pier.
The Hilton tower with their own (artificially made?) lagoon.
Some fishermen trying their luck.
Fortunately you can’t feel the incredible heat and humidity through the photo!
Even the bird doesn’t want to fly away at those temperatures.
Beautiful tropical flowers everywhere.
One of the many trolley buses for tourists.
Funny statues at the other side of the Hilton.
A typical intersection in the city.
I’ve never seen that many stretch limousines before. They are circling around everywhere.
Rent a surf board?
Everything is a bit bigger in the US. Roads, cars, buildings.
At the Bishop Museum.
Quite cool, but not many tourists are interested in history it seems (except Pearl Harbour’s).
Every day around noon a quick shower made sure that humidity doesn’t drop too much.
One of the famous old towers, sorry forgot the name.
Yeah, the ships are big too.
30 degrees all day (and night), but somehow photogenic.
Tourists and locals waiting for sunset. Guy with a speed drone on the left.
While others enjoy an evening swim.
Almost there…
Beautiful low light the business towers.
A last glimpse of the sun.
Next morning, view from the 12th floor down to a car park full of Teslas. Only Teslas!
Short 1.5km rain forest walk to Manoa Falls.
The scenery looks stunning! No regrets, despite the sweat.
Bamboo section of the walk.
Lush green everywhere. Parts of the Jurassic Park movie were shot here, they said.
Finally at the waterfall. Wasn’t easy to take a picture without the hundreds of tourists.
Tropical flowers.
Waikiki Trolley ride through the city.
Next stop: Waikiki Beach. Surfers everywhere.
Amazing skyline with hotel towers built right down to the sea.
Watching surfers from the pier.
They do have massive waves there! Occasionally splashing up the pier.
Busy small strip of beach.
They even have a surfer statue at the beach. lol.
Don’t ask me who that guy is.
That one must be the surfer god or something.
One of the classic style trolley buses.
At the National Geographic Fine Arts Gallery
City skyline from the back
Clearly no shortage of road signs there
Just a regular (oversized) US road.
So many wide roads, yet there are still traffic jams.
Crazy high towers everywhere.
Glass bottom pool in 10th floor.
Every Friday night just before 8pm there are fireworks at the Hilton lagoon.
Impressive display. Never missing fireworks!
Huge crowd watching.
Meanwhile at the Marina on the other side of the road.
A typical Waikiki park.
Aloha Festival Parade!
Funny clothes these folks have.
Marching several kilometers through the city at that heat.
How do they survive that?
Low riders.
Security guards on bikes.
All sorts of groups showing their dresses.
Lots of music.
Providing water before their faint in the tropical heat.
Local flag.
No idea what the horse riders are supposed to represent. Horse riders club maybe?
Flowers on the trolley today.
Even standing and watching is painful, how can they play an instrument for hours?
Taking the Blue Line bus to the East Coast. Through suburbs with steep roads.
Hanauma Bay
Lanai Lookout
Silent boycott of the sign here? :P
Sandy Beach Park
Makapu’u Point
Makapu’u Beach
Once again.
Turning around at the Sea Life Park.
Pistachio ice cream with a surf board spoon on the last day.
5AM at the Honolulu Airport
The last flower ornaments on the floor, bye bye Hawaii!