Fiji 2023 – Flight Day

From time to time, we need a short break from everyday-life, this time we (very last minute-ly) booked a stay in our favourite neighbour island state, Fiji. It has been a while we were in the tropics and with winter approaching we sure will enjoy the warmth!

Happy @ Nelson Airport.
Yes, it is!
Amazing planes just outside the main building …
From the viewing platform. Our escape is pretty imminent!
First, we fly down to Christchurch with a connecting Fiji Air flight to Nadi. Peter Rabbit is with us, too
Winter light on our flight north.
Arriving at our hotel in Nadi. Since it’s already late in the afternoon and the Yasawa ferries are only going in the Morning, we stay at one of the airport hotels.
Really nice! Even a pool with water slide.
Dinner at the fancy hotel restaurant, had the best ever baked bananas with strawberry ice cream, a dream.
The next day: Our boat also has a slide. Our son is intrigued :D
But also easily diverted to the happenings in his Wimmelbook we brought.
Oh! Yasawas!
This volcanic group consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islets.
Most islands are home to local fijian villages, nestled in the lush green and bordering beautiful beaches. Also a few tourist resorts are on our way, the boat stops at most of them, letting people off and on the boat.
Octopus Resort on Waya Island.
These slim boats are manoeuvrable and luggage and passengers are so professionally handled that the stops are just a short while that we gladly wait for in our comfy seats and watch the ongoings closely :)
Until it’s our turn!
Gently gliding towards Paradise.
First glimpse of what’s to come: Our home for the next 8 days!
After visiting the office, the three of us are inspecting all the amenities closely.
Including a late lunch, which makes some of us super excited!
Pools, bars, kayaking, snorkling, trying every daybed and couch there is, that’s a good plan.
Making friends right away :)
Learning what a coconut is.
And then the sun is setting already …
Haha, we’ll be fed really well!
During dinner, the sun sets and only the soft background light of the pool area resonates with our holiday vibes.
The string music ensemble provides some late evening entertainment.




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