Fiji 2023 – Busy Holiday

Doing nothing can be an artform, too.

He definitely wants to go to the pool!
A challenge right after breakfast, but pool it is! An hour or two baby full body workout :D
Learning to be with floaties, to be dragged through the water slowly, to float without Dad attached, to be safe, to feel good.
Caught in time before he could sneak into the Dive Shop on the way to a more adventurous lifestyle.
The coconut will do as a toy right now.
Or just rolling around on the daybeds.
An inquisitive nature :)
The only picture I could get him to wear a hibiscus flower behind his ear.
Coconuts are better!
Hibiscus schizopetalus, a tropical form.
Looking into the machinery they got at the kid’s club.
Awesome stuff, no other kids here today though.
Oh, the occasional rain is arriving. Every second day now, we’re bracing with a few cocktails ;)
And the little one is inspecting means of emergency transport, in case he needed it.
Something new and exciting every other step!
In the shallow shore waves, a few blue spotted sting rays are … raying around.
They let us watch them quite closely.
Before turning back to the deeper waters.
Better stay on the sandy part of the beach for now :D
Make some awesome footprints.
… and sand castles.
Watch the tide roll in.
And the floaty jump fearlessly from the pool side.
Little Klettermaxi is not waiting too long to get out – and in again!
A needed after-lunch nap.
And on it goes! Corals, shells, snails, stones, this little collector has a good time putting everything on the shelf next to our sun beds.
Some are just too beautiful to just have them sitting around, look Papa!
And Papa does way more than that! Papa holds, tickles, hugs, comforts, is just there for you!
And you give him back pure happiness!
While Mama does a coconut leaf weaving workshop.
She really needs a new tote to carry around!
Playing with wooden dominos, not domino but who builds the talles dinner temple.
And the winner was … probably the one that got the amazing strawberry ice – milk shake.
Pondering about new things to do on our daybed.
Maybe just staring up.
Nah, no time wasted today! The coconut workshop is calling.
The process of removing the fibres, opening the nut, drinking the water, stripping the meat …
Putting the meat into a cloth and pressing hard, so everyone can have a sip of coconut milk!
Or some sips, it’s very juicy!
Gecko on the sun decko :)
Going for a walk over the small hill side behind the resort to see the sun go down.
Lovely spot to have sunset dinner, I guess.
Easy walk when you’re carried ;)
This was exhausting and that rumbling belly needed immediate attention.
Oh, dessert!
Sweet temptations!
Sharing a kava bowl with local crew and visitors alike.
Good night, Fiji.
Walking past the pools on our way to the house.
Good night, Cove.


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