Fiji 2023 – Paradise Cove

Our hideaway on Naukacuvu Island comes with a complete meal plan (there’s no supermarket, just the resort on this beautiful rock in the ocean) and a few ideas how to spend the day, from water sports to exploring the island(s) and crafts, the cards are on the table.

Breakfast magic. What will it be today? Croissant or continental brekkie?
Shortly after, while Mama and boy are rolling in their bean bags…
Dad prepares for his first snorkel adventure!
From above the water line it looks already spectacular, with all the tiny fish swirling around the corals.
But once the head is under water, it’s a new world.
It’s a blue, green, purple and very fishy wonderland just in reach of where a breath can take you.
Neon damselfish and others, either on their own or in schools, swim around the coral colonies.
Life is plentiful down there.
Swept onto the beach.
Meanwhile, in the pool :)
The little one loves the water and is not afraid to jump, step, fall in. Actually, does so on purpose all the time :D
Good that he’s got his floaties!
Our little appartment in “the cove” is really neat and the pool is very close, there’s even a sign stating that.
On the other side of the japanese restaurant there’s another, smaller pool. Both not crowded at any given time.
Since the rain developed over the day, we looked into other means of entertainment … and found them in the teen’s club.
Plus, eating is always fun!
Enjoying the rest of the evening in the comfy pool are with a cocktail menue.
Sunset romantic.
The tropical sun seems to fade and set faster, but still great that it stays so warm to still be able to sit outside until it’s really dark.



Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)