Wandering Marahau

Enjoying the warm weather as long as it lasts :)

At the Sandy Bay – Marahau Rd sidewalk.
Getting ready for a mudflat walk and being surprised by sandy dunes.
The crystal clear water sparkles on the golden sand.
And even more so in b/w.
A good buoy.
Watching some of the tracktors towing their ships around.
They look where the sand is hardest, best to drive, least to sink and follow the tide out.
Serene beauty.
And when the tide rolls out, it does quickly in Marahau and the little streams vanish within an hour.
Crossing over to the Abel Tasman track.
Splashy autumn joy.
You think you could almost walk to Adele Island (no you can’t).
Marahau drift sand and Split Apple ridge in the background.
Greetings, wanderer!
Don’t get hugged by the waves lol
They make stunning patterns into the soft sand.
Sun patterns.
Prism style.


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