Love on Tour

Over a year she’s waited for the opportunity to see Harry Styles live on stage, and the day has come! The girls, flying to Auckland, having a blast at the only NZ performance of the .

We found the tickets in our mailbox! Pure joy!
The days leading to the concert all sorts of makeup trials were on!
The only thing that is non negotiable is the feather boa, you can’t go to Harry without it!
My girls :)
The waiting in line has not diminished their anticipation!
All styled for Harry.
Boa energy at Mt Smart Stadium.
Great vibe, not too many people have arrived, the sun is still high up, Wet Leg, the British indie rock duo will open the show tonight.
Can’t wait :)
Getting serious with the sunset and all.
*Wooohoooooooooooo* (screaming people all over the tribunes)
And the show starts. The pit is well filled with lots of human sandwiches in the front row.
The night commences.
The music is loud, the screaming louder :D
Catwalk action by Mr Styles.
Every move is brought to the big zoom screens, so everybody can see what’s going on.
Close up…
Great show!


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