19 Months

This month, you have greatly improved your vocabulary, no climbable objects are safe anymore and you have developed into a valuable baby helper! :)

Hiding behind the side of our piano.
Hanging out on the couch with Papa.
Oh! Is it really THAT day again? Today, I’ll be as tall as this yellow chicky!
Helping Mama with the berry harvest.
Sometimes we have to refill our mouths from the bowl.
Beauty of the silk tree.
Similarly beautiful sleeping baby.
Railway chaos in the living room.
And then, family cooking time. Only this little guy is not impressed, he would _love_ to put his hands in the dough.
Or help Dad oil the cladding.
Welcoming a few pullets and roos to our garden.
Driving Dad in circles.
Whoa! So high up I can see Rocks Road from here… almost.
These guys love to swing.
But even more fun is the bath after a long day :)
And food is high up on the list, as well!
Sitting in the evening sun, enjoying the last of the day.
Helping Mama develop a sewing pattern.
Carrying a tired boy on Mot High St.
Needed plant fibres in his fave color: Yellow.
Having a chat with the neighbors.
At Kaiteri!
The endemic chilean Ochagavia carnea blooming.
Looking out for the guineas.
Checking where they are and feeding them small stones.
Helping Vivi get a grip on her hair ;)
Another breakfast :)
The day moves on faster with a few naps.
Sempervivum montanum (Berghauswurz) in bloom.
Small kid, still in pjs, escaped from bed and directly out of the door looking for adventure.
Finally done! The cute “It’s a boy” balloon from our baby shower has given up the ghost :)
Abel Tasman walking with feet only, no stroller involved! A first and certainly not a last!
Pommegranate (Granatapfel), almost ready.
Thankful for our happy lives.


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