House Maintenance 22/23

This started as a small project and turned out a full fledged, time consuming never ending story :D Well, isn’t it always when you wanna do it right…

The roof

After 7 years untended to, all kinds of lichens and mosses have been building up, but the trigger was reduced collection from solar panels, so someone had to go up there, have a look, ideally straight with a water blaster ;)
After we finished, everything was sparkling again!

The deck

Yeah. When we decided to leave the timber untreated, we knew it would go grey. Change of mind!
Prepping the wood for the deep clean.
And once the water blaster hit it, out comes the original timber color.
Followed by an oil coat, in order to prevent the (fast) greying.
Same on the office deck!

The cladding

The boys blasting the walls, tall one sprays the water, small one holds the tools :)
After a bit of drying, the cleaned wood receives an oil treatment. Looks so flash now!


Also got a new table in the process ;)



Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)