Easter 2023

While we adults have many Easters on our shoulders, this little one celebrates only his second one. This time, we could almost see the Easter Bunny run around our house and leave a trail of colored eggs in its wake…

What’s this!? Little deformed balls, covered in shiny foil? Why are they out here! For a couple of minutes, the world will revolve only around these magic droppings.
Your sisters are very helpful with collecting and putting the chocy treasure in their mouths … aeh, bucket.
Ahhhhh! Here’s the culprit! The trail leads us directly into the bunny’s chocolate lair.
Collecting one nest after another!
And there must be more than one bunny around!!!
I can feel it sitting just around the corner…
The heck?! That’s no bunny! An Easter Kiwi! Everything makes much more sense now!
Just pack it into the container with all the other treasure.
Papa got it on video ;)
Ha! Another one caught by this enormously efficient baby egg hunter!
Mama! Look! Under the Persimmon tree! With the tub almost overflowing our stacking skills are challenged. “Eat as we go” approach helps.
Later, indoors. The great dividing starts.
One in the bowl, one in the mouth!
Tapping eggs together to find out who’s the overall egg lord of the day :)  HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!


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