The Mosaic

Since we moved in I always wanted to lay stones where the doors open onto the deck to create a beautiful passage through the flowerbeds to the lawn and beyond.  Today, the time has come, we’re starting with the design for the first mosaic (of two), and came to the consent that it has to be a compass.

Constructing the drawing from cardboard to the concrete slab.
Washing and sorting stones for later use.
The mortar has arrived!
This little guy is helping so much with all the hard work ;)
Probably wants to use the water blaster, too.
The first batch of mortar is being mixed.
… and carefully applied. A bit in shock we realize: We will need much more mortar than we thought we would!
These strong arms did most of the heavy lifting, mixing and raking while I kept preparing the laying.
Which was done quickly once everything was ready to go.
The first two spikes with one being the North (pointing in the direction of the 14,578.80 km distant pole).
More mortar, more stones.
A bit of measuring, adjusting and redoing is involved :)
The mortar master is mixing the magic paste.
Hypnotized by the possibilities.
A family effort!
Just a small piece to lay still.
And then the leveling starts.
The sponging.
The gentle blasting.
Thank you to all that were involved in this, definitely a beautiful thing to do and we’re very proud it’s finally finished!
And thank you little one, for being so patient with us, waiting inside and watching through the window while the laying proceeded and also for not stepping into the concrete after it was finished :) Coming up next… the second mosaic. But not today!


2 months later. The concrete has successfully hardened.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)