A concrete path

Tired of weeding along the back side of the house we decided to get some concrete instead.

Bark mulch only looks good for a couple of months, but makes a lot of weeding work.
There is a digger in the garden, again.
Scraping off about 150mm of mulch and dirt.
The mulch mostly turned into great compost, unfortunately.
Creating the boxing for the concrete.
Lazy folk, sitting around. :P
It’s actually hard work.
A layer of gravel added.
Some major rain for a day in between.
Looks ready for the concrete!
Here it is, starting at the far end.
Wheel barrow over wheel barrow going in.
While the concrete truck patiently waits.
At least they have an additional helper.
Leveling the concrete.
Working their way around the plants.
Creating a rounded edge.
More concrete.
A whole day of smoothing the surface.
2 days later: Cutting it into pieces to avoid random cracks.
Tadaa! Finished.