Unfortunately, our beloved local German butcher has discontinued the production of their exquisite Schwarzwälder Schinkenspeck several months ago. It appears that the NZ government has suddenly deemed uncooked, cured meat products as potentially hazardous, prompting most butchers to halt the production of what has been a safe European delicacy for centuries.

However, for those of us who value the richness of Central European culture, Speck in all its variations is more than a mere culinary delight – it is an essential component of our heritage and part of so many dishes that we love to cook. And so, what can we do? We make it ourselves!

Pickling the pork belly with spices. Keeping it in a vacuum bag to cure for a week.
Onto the meat hooks once the salt and spices have done their job.
Pre-drying in the fridge for 4 days. The whole juniper berries left some funny marks.
Upgrading the smoker with a brand new cold smoke generator.
4 days in the smoker. 12h smoke, 12h wait each day.
2 more weeks in the fridge to dry and reduce weight by 25%. Done and ready to eat!
Cutting super thin slices.
Perfect! Finally some authentic Speck again!

Credits to www.raeucherwiki.de for recipe inspirations.


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